Fixing Unity’s tendency to object coupling: The MessageBus 5

Originally posted in Francisco’s blog All in all I’m happy enough working with Unity. I mean it has its problems and all, but at Nastycloud we’ve been able to solve most of them successfully and reached a point where we’re super productive using it. I only have one major thing […]

4Drop DevLog #3

Playtesting Session #2 We wanted to thank Ignacio Rud & friends, Daniel Franca from El Show del Nerd and Agustín Cordes from Senscape for joining us and playtest 4Drop. Their feedback was great! Besides validating the game’s fun factor, they helped us identify some problems we had, mostly with differentiating […]

4Drop DevLog #2

This devlog was originally posted on our forum, be sure to join for up to date info. Hi again! Sorry guys for the radio silence past week, we were swamped and the update couldn’t go through, but we are up again with a lot of progress to show, so let’s begin! […]

4Drop DevLog #1

This devlog was originally posted on our forum, be sure to join for up to date info. We already posted about 4Drop a few days ago, but now we decided to start a somewhat-weekly DevLog where we’ll tell you about the progress of the game. Milestones On Wednesdays we have our […]

4Drop, the new prototype we’re working on

4Drop is a 2-4 player local multiplayer game. We’ve started working on it as the evolution of Francisco’s Glitchhiker’s Fight for The Galaxy3. Since we were not happy with the level of chaos and other major issues with GHFFTG, we decided to reboot and start from scratch, keeping what was […]

Nubarron: The Adventure of a Procedural Lightning

  Hello, i’m Juan Figueroa, also known as Pravus. I’m one of Nastycloud’s programmers and i’m here to show you the process we went through to make the procedural lightning we have right now in Nubarron: The Adventure Of An Unlucky Gnome. Our methods are by no mean perfect and we know […]

Nubarron Diaries

Besides our game “Nubarron: the adventure of an unlucky gnome”, we are creating a whole universe with a history of its own, creatures, inhabitants, etc. We are aiming for an immersive experience with several kinds of animals and beasts that we are sharing here with you. With you: Nubarron Diaries. […]

Nastycloud on IND13 4

We got covered on the IND13 issue three! Thanks for the interview guys! You can read the interview and the whole magazine here. We talk about our studio and our projects

Nubarron: About the new version 3

Hey guys! We are making our first ambitious game! It’s based on a prototype we developed a while ago, when our team consisted of only two members! Now that we’ve grown in experience and skills and became a full-stack team, the game is starting to look the way we always […]