4Drop, the new prototype we’re working on

4Drop is a 2-4 player local multiplayer game.

We’ve started working on it as the evolution of Francisco’s Glitchhiker’s Fight for The Galaxy3.
Since we were not happy with the level of chaos and other major issues with GHFFTG, we decided to reboot and start from scratch, keeping what was really core for it:

  • 2-4 Player, with local multiplayer support
  • Heavily linked to music

Gameplay ideas

So, we decided to avoid using weapons and simplify controls. For now you only use a controller stick to move.
All the gameplay will be done through environment objects that behave in certain ways (doors, elevators, etc).

The current mode we’re experimenting with is capture the flag, very much as in GHFFTG, but instead of having each player have a base and a flag, and count the amount of captures, we decided to make rounds shorter: You have to grab the flag (there is only one) and get it to the base. If you do that the match is done and you get a point. But beware: other players can steal the flag.

Concept art

This is a concept art that Juan created so we could start thinking about how the game should look.

Wrap up

So, I hope you like the direction the project is taking.
We’d love to hear some feedback.

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