4Drop DevLog #1

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We already posted about 4Drop a few days ago, but now we decided to start a somewhat-weekly DevLog where we’ll tell you about the progress of the game.


On Wednesdays we have our Planning Sessions and Retrospectives where we plan what we’ll work on and think about what we’ve done in the past.

Last Wednesday, we decided to start setting milestones for 4Drop, the first of them is creating a Greenlight Campaign

For this we’re going to be building a small demo of the game that includes:

  • 2-4 local multiplayer capture the flag mode (there will be one flag and one base where you need to take this flag to).
  • A 5 round match.
  • One song per round (5 different songs)
  • 3 possible levels for each round (chosen at random), for a total of 15 levels.
  • You’ll need to get the flag from its position to the base solving a puzzle, each level is a different kind of puzzle, but they’re all spatial.
  • Music-Gameplay connection, all the blocks move to the rhythm of music and graphical details will be synced as well.

When we’re about to reach this milestone, we’ll see what the next one is, but we have an idea for 4Drop’s development process that we think you’re going to love.

So.. this said… let’s take a look at what has been done this week…


Juan started to work on the logo. The idea was to create something that resembled the actual game field, and that shared the aesthetics of the game. He started playing with some abstract 3D characters, with plain colors and smooth shading.

Here you can see the paper concept and Juan working on it in Blender.

And this is the final logo. What do you think? Crazy, huh?


Rodrigo was not sleeping either. For the past weeks he has been working hard on getting the music in place.

He’s been researching on how to create some of the bassiest and weird sounds ever, and results are starting to show.

Take a look at one of the songs he has composed in our Soundcloud account1.

Level Editor

Guido and I (Francisco) worked together on getting the initial prototype of the level editor that he created to the next level.

We created a custom Unity window that displays the grid in the Scene view and also allows us to modify the grid size and color. On top of that we did an editor extension that allows us to create blocks easily, and move them around easily, always snapping to the grid. This will allow Federico to do his magic on level design.

Level Design

Despite the fact that the Level Editor was not finished yet, with a quick and dirty CSV parser we created a week ago, Federico was able to create four awesome awesome levels. I teased one of them on Vine:

Nice, huh?


I’ve been playing around with Juan’s Ouya to see if the game ran on it.
It runs, but really slow, haha, so if we plan to release on Ouya, we’ll have to bring the graphics down a lot.

That’s all for now

We hope you enjoyed this DevLog and stay close for the next one.
Please let us know what do you think of the game so far!

Oh, and last but not least a picture of the team (excluding me, since I was taking the picture):


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