4Drop DevLog #3

Playtesting Session #2

We wanted to thank Ignacio Rud & friends, Daniel Franca from El Show del Nerd and Agustín Cordes from Senscape for joining us and playtest 4Drop.
Their feedback was great! Besides validating the game’s fun factor, they helped us identify some problems we had, mostly with differentiating the first and second floors and falling from second floor bugs that were still there (and now are fixed!).

Thanks guys!

It seems our laptops were extremely bright, cause you don’t get to see the game from them! We’ll try to fix that for the next session! stuck_out_tongue

New site for 4Drop

We uploaded a temporary webpage for the game at http://4drop.nastycloud.com
You’ll notice the game is $0.01, that’s not a bug. As part of our plans to release the game, we wanted to give it for free until our demo release, but Humble Widget wouldn’t allow for the price to be u$d 0, so we had to put u$d 0.01, if you need a discount of u$d 0.01 from the current price, drop us an email and we’ll send you a game code.

A note to all our early adopters: As soon as we release the demo, the price will increase, so be sure to get it now!

Music/Graphics integration

One of the greatest pending things we had for the demo was integrating music with graphics. Last week we showed some blocks that moved in sync with music, but we wanted some more impact graphically, so we started experimenting with applying effects that are linked to MIDI Control Change events.

This resulted in some amazingly crazy stuff!

Also, when someone grabs the flag, you’ll now notice it:

Besides this we fixed some bugs related to music synchronization with kicks and snares during the drop.


Since we’re designing this game with a playcentric approach, we wanted to add some automatic analytics to it. We don’t care about all the social gaming analytics crap, and that’s why we don’t have a tool that it’s been already built for us. Instead, we decided to make use of GameAnalytics, which is thought for casual/social gaming in mind, and download the raw data to process it with our own tools.

For now we’re catching when levels start, flags are captured or stolen, when a player scores and when the level ends; this, combined with timestamps is enough to calculate things like the average score per level, the average amount of time players have the flag, and stuff like that. We hope saving this data from the early beginning will provide a lot of useful insight about the game’s design progression.

Until next time!

Thanks for reading through the update! We hope you’re excited as we are with the progress we’re making with the game. You’ll be able to play it sooner than you think! Stay close!

Until next time. from our Starbucks office!

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