Nubarron: The Adventure of a Procedural Lightning

  Hello, i’m Juan Figueroa, also known as Pravus. I’m one of Nastycloud’s programmers and i’m here to show you the process we went through to make the procedural lightning we have right now in Nubarron: The Adventure Of An Unlucky Gnome. Our methods are by no mean perfect and we know there are ways to improve the […]

Nubarron Diaries

Besides our game “Nubarron: the adventure of an unlucky gnome”, we are creating a whole universe with a history of its own, creatures, inhabitants, etc. We are aiming for an immersive experience with several kinds of animals and beasts that we are sharing here with you. With you: Nubarron Diaries. Enjoy!



A dark puzzle platformer about Cloud and Gnome's dramatic relationship. An ever moving adventure in a gorgeous digital painted world.